Haute Coiffure's Story

Born a South Carolina native, for as long as I could remember I remembered playing in my dolls' hair and telling my grandma and granddad that I wanted to be a "hair dresser" when I grew up. Well that idea changed drastically once I got a little older. Needless to say I did not become a "hair dresser" instead I ended up joining the Navy. Then it hit me, I was on my own, I didn't have to luxury of going to my Auntie's salon getting my hair done every 2 weeks. Thank goodness she taught me a few things about hair. My hair was everything to me even though I never went to school for it.

After having my daughter in 2012, I realized that getting my hair done regularly was a constant struggle and too expensive. I started leaning more towards extension and wigs because it was low maintenance. I also got tired of paying top dollar for poor quality bundles that didn't last. So I considered starting my own hair line. Then I went on a deployment which caused my dreams to come to a standstill. For five years I waited to find a good time to start my hair line company but unfortunately when the Navy calls, I come. 

Finally, I caught a break and now my dreams are back at full speed. I wanted to start my own hair line is because I LOVE HAIR. I look at my hair extension or units as an investment because let’s be real, they are! I found with investing in quality hair came versatility in my style. I like changing up my appearance without committing to one look, the possibilities were endless.

Being in the military for thirteen years and counting, I’ve grown to notice there really aren’t a lot of hair styles that I could get away with but, wearing extensions saved me. I could still be me without looking like "G.I. Jane". I could put my wig in a bun when it was time to go to work and when I was off I would either throw in some wand curls, straighten it or if the style allowed I put it into a messy bun which I still do until this day.  Wearing extensions has saved me a lot of time with my hair, which is why I believe for it to be a great investment. Everyone deserves to look Haute why not start with you! You can start by investing in yourself at Haute Coiffure Hair Boutique.

Our Promise To You

We are devoted to providing 100% raw hair extensions directly to your hands.  Our pledge is to sell pure premium excellence to our customers. No bundle gets through without a thorough screening process to provide our customers with the finest quality hair. Our goal is to make Haute Coiffure Hair Boutique your go to verdict for your hair and lash needs. Experience a new way to make a fashion statement with your hair.